The AI Parenting Stories App

for Kids and Parents to gently correct behaviour issues as kids grow up

The Problems

Behavioral Issues

— Mooom! Johny hits Timmy again!

Parenting Struggles

Fear, Anger, Doubt, Control, High Expectations

Popular Platforms

The popular platforms know nothing about kids’ behavioral issues and parenting struggles


Deliver appropriate content for kids and parents according to individual issues and struggles

How does it work?
1. We collect info about kids and parents
Age & Gender
Hobbies & Interests
Family Values
Origin Values
Religious Values
Sustainability Values
2. AI Content Recommendation System is Applied
  • AI-recommended content for  kids with particular behaviour problems
  • AI-recommended content for parents according to child issues
  • Content from well-known persons, who have already achieved something in sport, business, culture, etc.
The Kids Ribbon

Psychologist approved content for particular issues from the best productions

  • Cartoons
  • Animations
  • Games
  • Audio Stories from Successful People
  • Fairy Tales
  • Educational Content
The Kids & Parents Activities Ribbon
The Kids & Parents Activities Ribbon

Proved by Famous Psychologists

  • Reading Educational Stories
  • Family Activities
The Ribbon for Parents
  • Psychologist Guides
  • Posts from Similar Kids’ Parents
  • Sharing Own Experiences
  • Sharing Working Family Stories
Parents’ Mastermind Groups
Parents’ Mastermind Groups
  • Groups of Parents with Similar Kids’
  • Regular Meetings
  • Moderated by Psychologists
  • 24h Chat in Group
  • One-2-One Psychologists Sessions
  • Educational courses
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